English 340: State of the Conversation Report 1

In this State of the Conversation Report, I will list and briefly describe five sources I found pertaining to the Stark Parks project.

Source 1: American Community Garden Association video (https://communitygarden.org/mission/)

  • This video gave a brief overview of the history of community gardens, and then discussed their many advantages. They are a way for people in urban areas to take part in gardening and they also help kids become involved with harvesting and preparing food. They give people an interactive way to learn valuable skills, and the gardens add beauty to the cities and residential areas.
  • The audience for this video is anyone who wants to learn more about community gardens and/or is interested in starting one in their area.
  • The purpose of the video is to educate the audience about the many benefits of community gardens.
  • The tone is informational yet personable. There is a lot of information, but it is interspersed with personal testimonies to make it more interesting and believable.

Source 2: Eleven Habits of Highly Effective Interviewers (http://thewritepractice.com/eleven-habits-of-highly-effective-interviewers/ )

  • This was a list of good habits for interviewing. It stressed the importance of confirming a time and date for meeting in person, or giving a deadline for written questions. After the interview, one should ask if there was anything the person wanted readers to know in case something was missed. It is also good to make notes when interviewing, and if recording the interview, make time notes so it is easy to go back and find specific clips. Finally, make sure the interviewee feels comfortable.
  • The purpose of this article was to give helpful tips for interviewing.
  • The audience is anyone who needs to conduct a journalistic interview.
  • The tone was informational yet casual. Its purpose was informative, but it wasn’t very formal and included funny anecdotes to illustrate the author’s point.

Source 3: How to Write a Profile Story (http://journalism-education.cubreporters.org/2010/08/how-to-write-profile-story.html)

  • This article gave tips about how to write profile stories. It gives in depth advice for interviewing and writing profiles. The article states that there must be a clear focus and aim for the story. Interviewers should prepare a list of questions, but be ready to ask follow-up questions to gain the most thorough information. Profiles are more creative than traditional news stories. The article also provided a list of possible questions to ask when writing a profile. It is important to take notes in case something happens with the recording.
  • The audience is anyone who is going to interview someone for a profile story.
  • The purpose is to give directions and advice on how to interview people.
  • The tone is informational. It is very straightforward and direct and does not use anecdotes or humor.

Source 4: Stark County Community Garden Network Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GrowingGardens.StarkExtension)

  • The Facebook page provided a link to the Stark County/OSU Extension website. The page’s admins posted many articles pertaining to gardening tips and how-tos. Friends of the page post questions and articles they want to share. There were also some photos from the different gardens and a few from activities they held.
  • The audience for this page is anyone involved in the Stark County Community Gardens.
  • The purpose is to share gardening information as well as provide gardeners with a place to pose questions and share their own stories/information.
  • The tone is conversational because of the social media format. Because this is a Facebook page, it allows people to interact.

Source 5: Canton Repository article on Stark Community Gardens (http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20100602/News/306029921)

  • This article was written when the Stark Community Gardens were just beginning. It discusses the benefits of community gardens and outlines how these benefits can translate directly to Stark County. They can cut down on money spent at the grocery store and there is also more control over chemical use, so plants are healthier than some store-bought ones and contain many vitamins. In addition, the article provides information on how to become involved with community gardens.
  • The audience is anyone in Stark County.
  • The purpose is to inform about the Community Garden project in Stark County.
  • The tone is informative and journalistic. It is a newspaper piece that includes background information supplemented with quotes from people involved with the project.

I will follow up in class next week.


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