About Social and Economic Differences

“Excessive economic and social differences cause scandal, as well as reduce the cause of social and international peace.” Before agreeing or disagreeing with this sentence, it must first be clarified. What is scandal? Typically scandal is defined as a disgraceful or disreputable action (Dictionary.com). However, the Church defines scandal as something that leads another person to sin. The next thing that begs to be defined is this so-called cause of social and international peace. Peace is achieved through harmony and co-existing with others, so what better way to achieve this than to live by God’s rules? God himself and living the way he wants us to is the cause of international and social peace.

Social and economic differences could greatly disturb this. Economic differences breed social contempt and discontent. When there is a lack of middle class and/or a surplus of the impoverished, many problems can arise. There is often a great increase of crime, teen pregnancy, and drug use in areas with a high poverty rate (http://www.ted.com/speakers/richard_wilkinson.html). Also, if there are large upper and lower classes and a small middle class, there could be an increase in greed. People could be more susceptible to take advantage of one another. This was seen in the years preceding the French Revolution when the upper class was continually taking advantage of the poor and increasing their poverty instead of helping them. Without a decent sized middle class to balance things out, there will be social discontent.



One thought on “About Social and Economic Differences

  1. I really like the way you clarify and explain the quote before answering the question of the blog. I agree that poverty can lead to crime, while being rich can lead to greed. I also really like the way you point out the French Revolution as a point in time where economic differences led to violence.

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